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Imagine someone buying Ethereum or one of the hundreds of Ethereum-based tokens. With each transaction, there is a fee. These fees are at the core of the Minebase project.

The creation price of one MBASE token is currently $6.50. When $6.50 worth of fees has been generated in a wallet on Etherscan, the user who has connected this wallet to Minebase will receive one MBASE token.

There are over 1 000 000 Smart Contracts on Ethereum holding a total of over 100 000 000 ETH. Of these contracts, more than 49 000 have been verified on Etherscan and each pays a fee. The value of the token is determined by the fees paid on Etherscan. A smart contract is used for this purpose. Rather than use an innovative product or breakthrough technology like some projects, the MBASE token is created by a fee that accrues on Etherscan.

Here is an example:

1.15 million transactions are carried out on Etherscan every day. Each transaction incurs fees. Every wallet listed on Minebase receives MBASE tokens when the requirements are met. As more Minebase tokens are created, more fees are needed to create one MBASE token. The smart contract-controlled CTP handles this entire process.

There are about 1.15 million transactions recorded daily on Etherscan