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CTP smartphone app
Option I Period of time

Time is money

With this app, you can create the MBASE. Download the MBASE App, available on Android and IOS.

The calculation basis for app creation CTP

The MBASE CTP starting fee is $6.50. 4% out of these $6.50, which is $0.26, are credited per hour in the MBASE Wallet.

The app charges $0.26 per hour until one MBASE is reached.

When one MBASE is reached, the process of CTP creation stops. A code is displayed. This code must be transferred to the wallet at Minebase. Done.

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watch the video presentation about the work of Minebase token

Get $0.26. per hour with MBASE APP creating-img5
Depending on the CTP price, the amount multiplies by $0.26 each time the CTP price increases.