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CTP smartphone
app walk to earn

You can generate the token with your own energy.

On average, a person walks about six kilometers a day. If you walk six kilometers (3.728 miles) with your smartphone, you will generate one MBASE token. The faster you walk (or maybe you even jog), the faster you generate the MBASE token. As soon as you reach $6.50, you will receive a code. Once you enter this code in your back office, you receive the MBASE token. Here is the basis of the calculation:

The initial price of the token is $6.50.

  • If you walk 1 m you get $0.00108
  • If you walk 1 km you get $1.08333
  • If you walk 6 km you get $6.50000


Depending on the CTP price, the amount you receive per walk to earn will multiply from the entire crypto market. When the CTP price increases, you will receive up to 45 times the value of your wallet address fee as shown in the table

watch the video presentation about the work of Minebase token

What you receive with walk to earn