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1. What is the goal of Minebase?

The goal of Minebase is to create a new, stable, and independent cryptocurrency with our revolutionary CTP system that doesn’t require special mining hardware or a complicated computing process that pollutes the environment

2. What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized permissionless network that uses the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism like Bitcoin. However, Ethereum is fully transitioning to Proof-of-Stake with the implementation of an upgrade known as The Merge. Ethereum enables the deployment of smart contracts on the blockchain

3. What is MBASE?

MBASE is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. It is created through fees and its own energy. The fee price used to create the token through our CTP system rises as more tokens are created. MBASE is controlled by a smart contract

4. How do I open a Minebase wallet?

Follow the instructions in the back office. You will receive a word string to create your . Make sure you write it down for wallet restoration purposes in the future. Please keep this word string secret since it can be used to steal the coins in your wallet

5. What is the value of CTP?

The CTP value is the value needed to create the token. It takes more fees to create one Minebase cryptocurrency as the CTP value increases through the algorithm

6. Do I also get more crypto rewards when the CTP value increases?

Yes, you can get up to 45 times the value of the fees in your wallet address. Please refer to the tables available on the Minebase website

7. What is the CTP value of the tokens that are burned?

The tokens reach a CTP value of $793 041.08. The first token burning event takes place at this value

8. What is an ERC-20 token?

ERC-20 is a token creation standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Before ERC-20 tokens emerged, exchanges had to create custom bridges between platforms to support token swapping

9. Why is the Minebase token becoming more expensive to create?

The simple answer is that it happens due to the smart contract-controlled algorithm. As more tokens are created through fees, the fee price climbs higher

10. Is there any risk if I create Minebase tokens through CTP?

Since no investment is required, there is no risk. However, the price of the Minebase token is determined by supply and demand. Therefore, you have to take the price risk into account when you buy Minebase tokens to deposit them in your wallet

11. Can I create Minebase tokens through CTP?

Yes. Anyone can create the Minebase token through our CTP system. The user only needs to register an account on our free app. You will receive a certain value per hour with a conversion factor. If the value you receive per hour cumulatively reaches the value of the Minebase Token, you will receive one MBASE. Alternatively, you can buy the cryptocurrency on the exchange where the Minebase token is listed and use the automatic option to receive a new wallet every 72 hours

12. Can I create Minebase tokens for free?

Yes. There are two ways to create Minebase tokens through CTP for free

1. You can register your wallet address and get credited for the transactions you make.
2. Alternatively, you can use our free app. You will get a certain value per hour with a conversion factor. If the value you receive per hour cumulatively reaches the value of the Minebase token, you will receive one MBASE token

13. Why are 45 million tokens already distributed?

They were awarded as bonuses

14. Do I need to register my wallet?

If you want to create the Minebase token through CTP for free, you have to enter your wallet address in the given field in the back office. This will allow the algorithm to calculate the fees from your wallet address. When you send a coin using your wallet address, the transaction fee you pay will be credited to you.

15. Do I have to provide my private key?

No. Never give your private key to anyone. Also, Minebase will never ask you for your private key

16. What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a self-executing code that lives on the blockchain. It allows parties to transact with each other without an intermediary. Once the predetermined conditions are met, the smart contract executes the outcome. Smart contracts cannot be altered once they are deployed on the blockchain

17. How is the token secured?

The smart contract controls the token including its creation. Smart contracts cannot be manipulated once they are deployed on the blockchain. However, they are visible to everyone thanks to the transparent nature of the blockchain.

18. How do I get automatic wallet addresses?

Once you deposit at least ten Minebase tokens in the back office, you will automatically receive a wallet address. The more tokens you deposit, the more wallet addresses you will receive

19. Why does the automatic wallet change addresses every 72 hours?

There are wallets with many or few transactions. To ensure fair distribution, a random generator reassigns the wallets every 72 hours. This also enables every user to receive wallet addresses with large transactions running

20. How can I make a profit with the Minebase token?

By creating the tokens, you create value. Unlike Bitcoin which is created through solving complicated computational problems to make the network counterfeit-proof, Minebase uses the CTP system which is controlled by a smart contract. This smart contract is visible to everyone. As the creation price of the Minebase token gets higher and higher, its trading markets may recognize this and the price could adjust. But this is only speculation. In the end, supply and demand will decide

21. How can I earn money at Minebase?

Minebase uses an affiliate system where you get 10% off everyone you refer. The reward is in MBASE tokens. However, you must deposit tokens yourself to receive the 10% reward

22. How many tokens do I have to deposit to get the 10% as an affiliate?

You have to deposit at least ten tokens. If you have a Silver Wallet, you have to deposit 50 tokens to get the 10%. If you have Gold and Platinum Wallet users, you have to deposit 200 and 500 tokens respectively to get the 10%.

23. What resources are used to create the Minebase token?

The resources used to create the MBASE cryptocurrency are the transaction fees generated by wallet addresses on the top 20 decentralized exchanges, Ethereum, and the Bitcoin network

24. What does it mean to create CTP through Ethereum?

All wallet addresses in Ethereum can be viewed, allowing Minebase to record the fees of each transaction through the smart contract. When $6.50 worth of fees has been generated in a wallet on Ethereum, the user who has connected this wallet to Minebase will receive one MBASE

25. Why doesn’t wallet viewing work for Centralized Exchanges?

We cannot view the transactions on the centralized exchanges because they run in a closed system. Therefore, users cannot create MBASE tokens from the fees generated by the wallets on these exchanges

26. What does CTP through Decentralized Exchanges mean?

Most of the wallet addresses on decentralized exchanges can be tracked, enabling us to capture the fees of each transaction through the smart contract. The user who connects their wallet to Minebase can create MBASE tokens with CTP from the fees generated

27. What does CTP through the Bitcoin network mean?

Most wallet addresses from the Bitcoin network can be tracked, allowing us to capture the fees of each transaction through the smart contract. The user who connects their BTC wallet to Minebase can create MBASE tokens with CTP from the fees generated. Minebase only selects the top wallet addresses on the Bitcoin network

28. Can I register my wallet address with Minebase myself?

Yes. If you register your own wallet address, you can use it for a long time. You also need to verify your wallet and make a transaction within six hours

29. Why can I keep my own registered wallet address?

First of all, because it’s yours. Secondly, if you deposit to your own wallet address, you don’t have to deposit Minebase tokens. This process does not cost you anything, but you can only deposit to a maximum of five own wallet addresses

30. Do I have to deposit tokens if I use my own address?

No. You can create the Minebase token with CTP for free by using your own wallet address

31. Why do I need to make a transaction with my wallet if I want to register my own wallet address?

We need to confirm that the wallet address is yours. That is why we require users to make a transaction within six hours

32. Can I only use the Period of Time feature on my smartphone?

This feature will be available for free on the Minebase website as well

33. What is CTP through Walk to Earn?

You have to walk for a certain amount of time to get a value. When the token creation price is reached, you will receive the Minebase token

34. What do I do with the code I have received on the smartphone?

You need to transfer this code to your back office on Minebase to receive the MBASE

35. What does CTP Price Regulation mean?

If the price of MBASE on the listed exchange falls by at least 10%, 0.025% of the tokens not yet created will be burned

36. Why is the price regulation tool used?

This tool is used to keep the Minebase crypto price stable

37. How will I know the number of tokens to deposit when the CTP value increases?

The number of tokens you need to deposit when the CTP value increases can be viewed on the table provided on the Minebase website