Token Upgrades I Roadmap I

This project comes from a situation that originated in the past. It started in 2017 when there was no regulation for cryptocurrencies. The goal at that time was to create a coin and back it with gold. In 2018 the law was changed by the regulator. There were new regulations to list a Stabel token. As a result, the project could not continue. It was crucial to me as an entrepreneur to find a solution. I have been working on it for more than three years now. I hired some specialists to analyze the crypto market. We have discovered it is possible to create a new token similar to Bitcoin with an algorithm without massively polluting the environment. No tokens are sold but are created by the fees in Etherscan, the Bitcoin network, from the top 20 decentralized exchanges and through an app that allows you to create these tokens. The token value is determined by fees. We call this process CTP which stands for Creative Token Production. If you look at it in such a way, the Bitcoin value was also determined by solving complicated computational problems that became more and more complex in order to create new blocks. The focus was on transparency and the idea of security. Today, it is possible to ensure almost the same security and transparency with a smart contract.