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This project started in 2017. At the time, our goal was to build a coin and back it with gold. However, the project did not materialize because of the laws that went into effect in 2018, regulating the listing of stable tokens. Despite this setback, our Founder was unrelenting in the quest to find a solution to some of the major problems affecting the crypto industry. So, he hired specialists to analyze the whole crypto market, and that’s how he got the idea to build Minebase. What you now see today is the outcome of more than three years of research, hard work, and innovation

Through research, we discovered it’s possible to create a new token similar to Bitcoin with an environmentally-friendly algorithm. The new token, Minebase, is created through fees generated by wallet addresses on Etherscan the Bitcoin network, and the top 20 DEXs thanks to the Creative Token Production (CTP) algorithm. While Bitcoin miners maintain the security of the network by solving complex computational problems, this model solves the security issue with a Smart Contract. The value of the Minebase token (MBASE) is determined by fees. Users can produce MBASE tokens via an app