Token Upgrades I Roadmap I

The roadmap

August 2022 / Minebase start

Since the App cannot be offered at the time of launch, there is a possibility to start CTP on a PC. You can test it for free.

November 2022 / the App launch

Two operating systems are offered: IOS and Android. The App will cost $5.90 for the first six months.

August 2024 / halving

In two years, the creation of Minebase tokens with the App will be halved. Thus, when you create the MBASE, you will receive the code already at 50% of the MBASE created. Therefore, with two devices, you only need half the time to create an MBASE. This process repeats every two years: in August 2026, August 2028, August 2030, etc. The process goes on until all MBASE are created.