Token Upgrades I Roadmap I

Automatic Wallet

The user is supposed to deposit at least ten Minebase tokens. It will automatically assign the user a wallet address for 72 hours. All fees incurred by this wallet will be credited to the user. When this wallet reaches a total of $6.50 (the current price for token creation), the user will receive a Minebase token. In 72 hours, the wallet address is automatically replaced with a new one. If the previous wallet has not reached the $6.50, the amount the wallet has reached by then will remain. With the new wallet address, the fees will continue to add up until the user reaches $6.50. As long as the user has ten tokens in their wallet, they can create new Minebase tokens with one wallet address. Each wallet address is charged individually for creating the Minebase token. If the user wants to have multiple wallet addresses, the following requirements are to be met:

  • for 1-5 wallet addresses, the user needs 10 Minebase tokens each
  • for 6-10 wallet addresses, the user needs 20 Minebase tokens each
  • for 11-15 wallet addresses, the user needs 30 Minebase tokens each
  • for 16-20 wallet addresses, the user needs 50 Minebase tokens each

Wallet address changes every 72 hours

Deposit Tokens

Depending on how much tokens you deposit, you can get up to 20 wallet addresses from the entire crypto market. When the CTP price increases, you will receive up to 45 times the value of your wallet address fee as shown in the table

The deposit of the tokens depends on the CTP value. Here you will find a table that describes everything in detail.

watch the video presentation about the work of Minebase token