Token Upgrades I Roadmap I

CTP Price regulation

After the MBASE is listed on an exchange, the following tool is used six months after listing. The market is analyzed with a smart contract. If the token falls 10% or more, 0.025% of the tokens yet to be activated are burned. Since the tokens that are burned by the CTP will be the most expensive ones (see algorithm list) the reduction of the token value is enormous. In the end, one token through the CTP costs $793,041.08. When these are burned, reduction in total supply is very high.


Deposit Tokens

The price of the MBASE falls from ten euros to nine euros. On the Exchange. There are still 100 million tokens in the CTP system. 100,000,000 - 0.025% = 25,000 tokens. The CTP value of the token is 793,041.08. These tokens are irrevocably burned. The new maximum number of MBASE is 249,975,000 MBASE tokens.


watch the video presentation about the work of Minebase token