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CTP Price regulation

After the MBASE token is listed on an exchange, the following procedure will be used six months after listing

The market will be analyzed with a Smart Contract. If the token falls 10% or more, 0.025% of the tokens yet to be activated will be burned. Since the tokens burned by the CTP will be the most expensive ones — see algorithm table — the reduction of the token value will be enormous. In the end, one token through the CTP will cost $793 041.08. When these are burned, the reduction in total supply will be very high


Imagine a scenario where the price of MBASE falls from ten euros to nine euros on an exchange. There are still 100 million tokens in the CTP system, meaning that 0.025% of these tokens will be burned. (100 000 000 - 0.025% = 25.000 tokens) The CTP value of the token is $793 041.08. These tokens are irrevocably burned. The new maximum number of MBASE tokens is 249 975 000